The Iceberg metaphor or iceberg model is a representation of how culture is like. When we look at an iceberg, the first thing we see is the top half or the surface of it. We do not see the bottom half or the rest of the iceberg. Like many different type of cultures, we tend to judge on what we see and hear first before looking deeper and finding out that there are more then what meets the eye. For the first level of the iceberg metaphor, it is call the surface level. The surface level is mainly defined by its popular culture or its well known stereotype culture. The next level of the iceberg metaphor is the intermediate level, which is basically the meaning and norms of a culture. This can be many things like a sign, artifact, words, gesture, or a non-verbal behavior that could represent something meaningful. The last part of the iceberg metaphor is known as the deep level culture. This part of the ice berg holds some of the deepest beliefs such as, traditions and values.
    I chose the iceberg model because, growing up, some people would often ask me if I know how to do any kungfu or other martial art moves. Just because I am Asian does not mean that I can perform like the famous movie star Bruce Lee. This to me was like a stereotype for all Asian boys; the surface level of what some people may think of when they see an Asian person. Some time it's not just the surface level that people may get confuse on. There have been times where some people have asked me if I was either Chinese or Japanese, but I am neither. I am Hmong. The mistake is understandable, since our culture and traditions are not widely known as the Chinese and Japanese people. This kind of thing does not bother me at all. I know they are just a little bit curious.